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Leave the Door Open - Bruno Mars - Beat Instrumental by Trịnh Gia Hưng Emotiony

Leave the Door Open - Bruno Mars - Beat Instrumental by Trịnh Gia Hưng Emotiony



  • Sing it on Youtube: click here
  • Song name: Leave the Door Open
  • Artist: Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic
  • Music type: Beat instrumental
  • BPM: 74
  • Tone: C key (Male tone)
  • Arranger & Producer: Trịnh Gia Hưng
  • Production: Emotiony



Emotiony is an online music production. You can buy available beat instrumental online, order new beat instrumental, make the soundtrack, make video lyrics, make MV... We put quality and emotion on top to bring the highest value for customers and make complete music products.

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